Salary Finance is a voluntary employee benefit designed to help you lead a happier, healthier financial life. Through a partnership with DISH, Salary Finance gives you access to fixed-rate loans* that are repaid directly from your paycheck, so you can feel at ease about making your payments on time. They also offer a robust library of educational tools and resources to help you navigate your finances with confidence. Whether you need to pay off lingering high-interest debt, cover an unexpected expense, or get tips on how to manage the day-to-day—Salary Finance puts you in control and takes the stress out of money. Visit to get started.

*Please Note: Salary Finance is an optional program, not a recommendation from your employer. Your employer does not benefit financially from offering this service and communications regarding your loan will be through Salary Finance directly. Salary Finance branded loans are offered by Axos Bank® Member FDIC, and are subject to eligibility, underwriting, terms and conditions, and approval. Salary deduction payments are not available to employees who work primarily in DC, IN, NH, NJ, NY and WV.