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Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall wellness. DISH offers coverage through Cigna and MetLife to help you maintain your smile through regular preventive care and treatment for any dental problems that may arise.


Dental plans

You can enroll in dental coverage as a new hire, during Annual Enrollment, or if you have a qualifying life event. To see your contributions and enroll, log in through HR Link accessible through either The HOP or OKTA.

Cigna DHMO

Covers only in-network providers and is only available in certain locations.

MetLife Low Plan

You’re free to select the dentist of your choice. However, you’ll pay less when you choose a network provider.

MetLife High Plan

A dental plan with higher contributions and benefits, including orthodontia for children up to age 26. You’re free to select the dentist of your choice. However, you’ll pay less when you choose a network provider.

Key features at a glance


All dental plans provide:

Free in-network preventive and diagnostic care to help keep your teeth healthy. Note: With Cigna DHMO, there’s a $5 office visit fee, and then most preventive care is free.

Affordable coverage that helps you manage the cost of dental treatment.

Wide network of providers that have agreed to negotiated rates, which helps you save money.

Find a network dentist

With both MetLife plans, you may choose to see any in- or out-of-network dentist you’d like, but you’ll generally pay less when you stay in network. With the Cigna DHMO plan, you must receive care from an in-network dentist. Visit MetLife or Cigna to find an in-network provider near you.

Plan Comparison

Coverage detailsCigna DHMOMetLife Low PlanMetLife High Plan
Required to see a participating provider?YesNoNo
Employee only
Annual maximum benefit per personN/A$1,000$2,000
Preventive (exams and cleanings)Flat fee per procedure100% covered100% covered
Basic (X-rays, fillings, simple extractions)Flat fee per procedureYou pay 20%You pay 20%
Major (crowns, dentures, bridges)Flat fee per procedureYou pay 50%You pay 50%
OrthodontiaFlat fee per procedureNot coveredFor covered children up to age 26: You pay 50%; separate $1,500 lifetime maximum

Note: In-network services are reimbursed based on the negotiated fee, and out-of-network services are subject to reasonable and customary limits.

Are you considering the Cigna DHMO? Check availability in your area

Before electing the Cigna DHMO, you should verify there is a Cigna dental provider in your area accepting new patients by visiting Cigna.

Cigna DHMO is not available in the following locations: Alaska; Hawaii; Maine; Montana; New Hampshire; New Mexico; North Dakota; Puerto Rico; South Dakota; Vermont; West Virginia; Wyoming.

In addition, if you live near one of these DISH locations, you may not have an in-network provider within a 25-mile radius: Harlingen, TX; Bloomington, IL; Pembroke, VA; Christiansburg, VA; and Bluefield, WV.

Employees will only see Cigna DHMO as an option in HR Link if you are eligible. If your ineligible, you will not see the option to enroll in coverage.

Use your dental benefits wisely

Here’s how to make the most of your dental benefits:

Present your plan identification

Plan ID cards are not required for any of the plans. However, your provider may ask for your Social Security number to verify your coverage.

Submit for a pretreatment estimate

With the MetLife plans, you should submit a request for a pre-treatment estimate for procedures and services your dentist believes will exceed $300 (procedures such as crowns, inlays, bridges, and periodontics). For more information, visit MetLife or call 1-877-638-3379.

Check your claim status

You can review Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements, check if claims have been paid, and more through MetLife.