Health Savings Account (HSA)

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You can save money on eligible health care expenses by paying for them with an HSA.


With the DMP, you’re eligible to open and contribute money to a Health Savings Account (HSA) through Optum Bank. The HSA is a tax-free savings account that you own. You can use it to pay for eligible health expenses anytime, even in retirement. You can enroll or make changes to your HSA elections at any time during the year. To enroll, log in through HR Link, accessible through either The HOP or OKTA at https://dish.okta.com/. Note: You do not need to enroll in your HSA each Annual Enrollment. Your elections will carry over from year to year.

Key features at a glance


Tax-free money.

Money goes in tax-free* and comes out tax-free when it’s used for eligible expenses.

Convenient payroll deductions.

Contribute to your accounts easily and effortlessly.

Helpful budgeting tool.

Plan for upcoming expenses by setting aside money each paycheck.

Invest your HSA funds.

Once your balance reaches $2,000, you can choose a mutual fund to invest in to help your savings grow.

*Contributions are not subject to federal income tax. However, HSA contributions are currently subject to state income tax in CA and NJ. Consult with your tax advisor to understand the potential tax implications of enrolling in an HSA and/or FSA.

Get unbeatable advantages with an HSA

The HSA has a triple-tax advantage that trumps even a 401(k) or Roth IRA. And, when you complete the two simple tasks, DISH will contribute to your account, too!

Put money in tax-free.

You contribute to your HSA through pre-tax payroll deductions. If you need to, you can change your contribution amount anytime.

Put money in tax-free.

Get company contributions.

DISH will contribute up to $520 If you complete the two simple tasks.

Get company contributions.

Pay for care tax-free.*

Pay for eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses for you and your family using your HSA debit card (provided sufficient funds are in your account). Track your spending, check your balance, reimburse yourself, and more through Optum Bank.

Pay for care tax-free.*

Grow money for the future tax-free.

All the money in your HSA is yours to keep, year after year.

You can build up savings through tax-free interest and even invest your money once the balance reaches $2,000, which gives you the potential for tax-free earnings growth and a way to plan ahead.

Grow money for the future tax-free.

*Money in an HSA can be withdrawn tax-free as long as it is used to pay for qualified health-related expenses. If money is used for ineligible expenses, you will pay ordinary income tax on the amount withdrawn, plus a 20% penalty tax if you withdraw the money before age 65.

2024 contribution limits

Keep in mind, the maximum amount you and DISH can contribute to your HSA is determined by annual limits that the IRS sets. In 2024, the total contribution limits are:

  • $4,150 if you have employee-only medical plan coverage, or
  • $8,300 if you cover dependents.

Add $1,000 to these limits if you’re age 55 or older.

Who’s eligible for an HSA?

In order to establish and contribute to an HSA, you:

  • Must be enrolled in the DMP.
  • Cannot be enrolled in any other medical coverage, including a Health Care FSA, a spouse’s plan or Medicare.
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.

You should review IRS rules for making HSA contributions if you will turn age 65 during the year. For more information, see IRS Publication 969.

Getting started

To contribute to an HSA, you must enroll in the DMP. You will elect your HSA contribution amount during enrollment. You can then manage your account through Optum Bank.

As you start using your account, keep in mind that you can only spend money that has actually been deposited into your account — your entire annual contribution amount is not available to you from the beginning of the plan year. Your HSA balance will grow as deposits are made from each paycheck.

Earn Free Money

Earn money by making healthy choices. When you complete two simple tasks, you’ll earn $20 per pay period for your Health Savings Account (HSA). You must be enrolled in the DMP and have an HSA bank account with Optum Bank to receive these contributions from DISH.

DISH contribution to your HSA if you complete …

Tobacco-Free Pledge

$10 per pay period ($260 per year)

Tobacco-Free Pledge

Contribute at least $10 per pay period or $260 annually of your own contributions to your HSA

$10 per pay period ($260 per year)

Contribute at least $10 per pay period or $260 annually of your own contributions to your HSA

If you complete both activities, you will earn $20 per pay period. That’s up to $520 for the year!

Note: The annual contribution you receive for each activity is based on the number of pay periods remaining in the plan year at the time you complete that activity. There are 26 pay periods within the plan year.

Pledge to Be Tobacco-Free

During your initial enrollment, a mid-year life event or each year during Annual Enrollment, you may choose to complete a pledge to be tobacco-free. You can take this pledge if you are either a current tobacco user who is committed to quitting or a non-tobacco user who plans to stay tobacco-free.

By accepting the pledge, you are committing to not using tobacco (including E- and vapor cigarettes) during the current benefits plan year. You’re also giving your consent to possibly be selected for random tobacco testing during the current plan year. This random testing helps ensure the Company’s financial reward goes only to those honoring the pledge.

It is important that you visit HR Link and consent to the pledge during your initial enrollment and again each year during Annual Enrollment. Note: If you don’t complete the pledge during your initial enrollment and again during each Annual Enrollment, you won’t be eligible to receive the $10 per pay period from DISH, and you’ll have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment to complete the pledge.

If you want to access resources to help you quit using tobacco, go to http://www.myuhc.com.